Gleneagles Close,Walton Heath,Windmill Hill Drive Area and Adjacent Close's

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I currently run a scheme which covers Walton Heath, Gleneagles Close and some of Windmill Hill drive but i am looking at extending it all the way up Windmill Hill Drive with all adjacent Close's including Wentworth Way

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Scheme coordinator

Richard Beattie
Hi Members, My Name is Richard Beattie, I currently run a neighbourhood watch scheme in our area and have done since 2012. I have worked as a Civil Servant for 16 years. I fully understand what it means to live in a safe and secure neighbourhood. If you decide to join my scheme you will be updated on crimes in our immediate area. We also have a group where you can report to other members any suspicous behaviour. In this day and age i think its very important to look out for each other. I look forward to working together. Richard Beattie
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