Lyndhurst Neighbourhood Watch

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To prevent and report crimes To be ready to give assistance to our vulnerable neighbours and residents of Lyndhurst and surrounding hamlets. To liaise with emergency services, local authorities if needed and just to be good neighbours.

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Scheme coordinator

Suttichai Se-Upara
Hi my name is Sutti Se-Upara I am a councillor of Lyndhurst Parish Council. I also live and work on the High Street of Lyndhurst. I have set up this group so that we could come together in giving assistance to best we can, what ever it may be, to the vulnerable people of our community, young or old. It may just be clearing snow off an elderly persons home in the severe winter or providing water and fans in the extreme summer or just simply popping out for a pint of milk for our neighbours. We will also do our best to prevent and report crimes in our local area. To liaise with the emergency services and the local authorities. I hope we can come together and help
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