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As a result of the increasing crime within Palmers Green we need to ensure that our children, schools, elderly and all residents are looked after and safe. The amount of crime going on at the moment is worrying and we are on the verge of completely destroying the family culture that has been built up in Palmers Green over the year.

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Chris T
As a recent victim of crime and seeing the upsurge in burglaries around the area I feel we need to band together to make neighbours aware of the importance of security. Over the last few months crime in Palmers Green has grown significantly and I am hearing about at least 1 burglary a day. It has become rather worrying that burglaries are happening during the day, just metres away from our schools. The number of police officers around our area is constantly falling and the response times to a burglary are averaging 2-3 hours. Please feel free to get in touch if you require any advice on security or would like to talk about your experiences of crime.
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