Merstal Drive Elmdon Coppice Chetland Croft Nicholls Close

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Neighbourhood Watch scheme for householders on Merstal Drive, Elmdon Coppice, Nicholls Close and Chetland Croft

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Scheme coordinator

John Outhwaite
Hi, I live on Elmdon Coppice, have been here for nearly 30 years. I'm now retired so have some spare time to do things like co-ordinate this neighbourhood watch scheme. I set the scheme up as a result of a spate of recent burglaries in the area and also as the crime rate locally and nationally is rising according to latest statistics. I hope that this scheme will help residents on Merstal Drive, Chetland Croft, Elmdon Coppice and Nicholls Close receive and share relevant information to help us to be more secure in our homes.
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