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I am sick of obvious illegal activity in Bentley - speeding, dog fouling, young gangs, drug dealing, off-road bikes on the road etc. There are a lot of young children in Bentley and they are all at risk, I worry for my own young daughter growing up around here. Police don't seem to have time to monitor or deal with reported incidents. I'm starting to collect my own info in order to report to the police in more detail, instead of waiting for someone to get hurt, or to the local MP if ignored by the police. Meetings to be arranged when more people are interested.

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Joe Insull
I've lived in Bentley for a couple of years and have a young daughter. I'm usually the type to keep myself to myself but with ever decreasing police presence and ever increasing blatant crime, I feel I have no choice but to start sticking my neck out for the sake of my daughter - we need to stand up for ourselves and clean this area up. Within the law, of course. I don't give up easily, I am not afraid to speak up, I am not stupid. But I can't do anything on my own.
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