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I am tired of obvious illegal activity in Bentley - speeding, dog fouling, young gangs, drug dealing, off-road bikes etc. There are a lot of families in Bentley, many with young children, who need protecting from the blatant criminal activity occurring every day on the estate. There's also a lot of elderly residents who've been in Bentley from when there were only a few houses. The ones I've spoken to are saddened by the decline of the estate which "used to be lovely and friendly" and instead now double-check their front door is locked every night and worry about crossing the road. This criminal activity has to stop. I worry for my own young daughter growing up around here. Police don't have the resources or the time to monitor all criminal activity on the estate and even when they're able to attend pretty sharpish (it can happen) to crimes in progress, the offenders use the many known rat-runs on the estate to evade capture. It's a tireless and thankless task for them but they can only do so much without the help of the community! Bentley needs residents from all corners of the estate to work closely together, to observe and monitor hotspots and potential ratrun routes, to communicate effectively and directly with the police to maximise their chances of catching offenders in the act or apprehending them at their homes where they think they're safe. Is this something you think you can get involved in, to make Bentley better for our children and respectable long-time elderly residents? Join now!