Brookfield estate - opposite new clock inn

Scheme information

We wish to develop this scheme from a residents association that has been formed many years back. It covers the Brookfield Estate, located opposite the New Clock Inn. Based around a closed FaceBook group for easy communications we aim to liaise regularly with the statutory authorities and the management of Y Zone, the youth centre also located on the estate. We also aim to link up with other local residents on Fair Oak Road in particular. We do this to help us manage-down any local unrest/anti-social behaviour. If you would like to be a part of this please ask to join the Brookfield Residents Association FB group and put yourself forward. More of us actively involved means a safer, pleasanter neighbourhood for all.

Scheme coordinator

Stuart Palmer
My name is Stuart Palmer, a father of 3, living on the Brookfield Estate. I moved here just over 4 years ago and was asked to chair the residents' committee when the previous chair moved away. Over time we have sought to respond to concerns raised and organise the occasional community event. Recently the group has raised concerns about anti-social behaviour, particularly by younger people, and we are now seeking constructive ways to help everyone live well together in future. To join, please request membership of the closed FB group. The group is currently only open to residents of the Brookfield Estate.
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