Greenwood Homes (Trent plus others)

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Greenwood homes Residents - Let's unite and co-operate to keep our neighbourhood safe and drive out the criminals.

Scheme coordinator

Hayley Holmes
My husband and I have lived here since April 2013 and have enjoyed the feeling of safety we've had living in such a nice quiet area. We now have two young boys who we are bringing up to be respectful members of society, with manners and a good sense of right and wrong. The recent petty thefts from houses in our Crescent, as well as a burglary, and other crimes in Dove, Medina, Shannon, Wensum, Welland Croft, have left me worried for my possessions and threatened my way of life, and I don't think that's fair. Hence setting up this scheme, to bring back a sense of community, to share information, and to be assured that each one of us is looking out for the others, and that we are stronger united than apart.
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