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St Mary's Place is a small society with the high rate of diversity amongst residents and small businesses. It is also recipient to hundreds of students from all around the world every year at the Kimber student hall. Hoglands Park, St Mary's Stadium, Northam Road underpass, St Mary's Church, St Mary's Primary school and the nearby High street, makes this neighbourhood of great importance regarding soft targets and the safety and assurance of its residents and business owners. As a resident of this community, you can dedicate a small amount of your time and effort as well as others to increase the safety of your beloved neighbourhood.

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John Anderson
I am a criminology, and criminal justice student and I come from a minority ethnic background. As a resident of this neighbourhood I believe that along with the official authorities, the members of this community can play a huge role in pinpointing the soft target areas and ensuring its safety with a small amount of time and dedication. We all love our neighbourhood, and we all enjoy its vast diversity and what a greater representative than its diverse neighbourhood watch. I would like to see different people from diverse backgrounds, skills, ages and experiences to join to make this one of the safest areas in the region.
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