Fairbank Crescent (Sherwood)

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Over the last two years crime on Fairbank Crescent Sherwood has risen and while it is not a massive issue right now it is time to take action and prevent it getting worse. Taking the form of burglaries, vehicle thefts and attempts at distraction crimes criminals target all types of residents and their property so while there's no need to panic we should not be complacent either. The scheme aims to help residents of Fairbank Crescent to remain safe by ensuring that we look out for each other, especially for those who are more vulnerable, by spotting and reporting crimes in a timely manner and acting as a deterrent to those who would do harm to others. Our scheme has been successful in helping the Police to apprehend and convict burglars and we have provided evidence to the Police of several other crimes which they are investigating. The Police are always responsive and value our help, so thanks to all who serve not just the Police but the PCSO's and CLO's too. As a scheme member you don't have to do a lot to make us better so why not join us and help catch the bad guys, prevent crime and protect those around you. Everyone is welcome and we would love to communicate with other scheme operators. Any information you give is confidential and you will not just be safe but safer because as a member you are warned by E-Mail when the Police alert us to problems occurring in our area. They say that knowledge is power and there is safety in numbers so why not work with us and lets make our area safer for all. Christian

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