Tamer Road Residents Sleaford

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Keeping our road drug free with zero tolerance to anti-social behaviour and excessive loud music for our children to play and grow up in a nice safe family orientated area.

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Vanessa Brown
Living on Tamer Road for the past 4 years I have noticed many anti-social behaviour problems, physical and verbal fights, agressiveness, hostility, intimidation between neighbours, extreme loud music, drug dealing and drug taking, people knocking on doors for drugs in the middle of the night, bike thefts, car speeding, car vandalism, outside of people's houses vandalisied and generally neighbours to scared to speak up. Well here is your voice, ME! I want to make this road a family orientated area the way it was built to be, well why else would we have a lovely little communal park out the front. We need to nip all of the above in the bud right now for our children to be raised in a safe environment and for us all to enjoy.
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