Tollard Royal & surrounding area NHW

Scheme information

Covers Tollard Royal, Ashmore, Rushmore Park, Newtown, Farnham, Woodcutts, Chettle, Tarrants - anything this side of the Wingreen and within a seven mile radius - purely because we are so vulnerable to rural crime. We welcome anybody who wants to join the scheme with various ways of being informed about crime - we use Whatsapp, Facebook and Mailchimp to let people know of suspicious activity and our watch is very successful with very low rates of crime. Members are vigilant and look out for one another. Sharing information quickly and efficiently is our motto.

Scheme coordinator

Karen Kebby
I have been running NHW for about 17 years now, 12 years in Tollard Royal and 5 in Wimborne. During my time in Wimborne I won two awards for my work, one of them included £500 which I donated half to the hospital and half to the Wimborne NHW. I like to think I do a reasonable job at informing people without over doing it. I don't have meetings instead I focus on social media (with the help of Kay Allen the Chair of the Parish Council) who set up our Facebook, Whatsapp and website. You can choose whichever methods of contacts you wish - you just need to let me know. Please consider joining our group.
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