Dene Court Road/ Finbury Close B92

Scheme information

This Neighbourhood Watch scheme covers houses on Dene Court Road and Finbury Close. The scheme has been in existence for some years. The main advantage of being in the scheme is to receive the email updates and alerts from West Midlands Police (WMNOW) about current activity in our area and preventative tips to stop us becoming victims of crime.

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Scheme coordinator

Keith Hamilton
Patsy Russell, who has lived on Dene Court Road for over 30 years, is the scheme co-ordinator and is well known to local residents for taking an active interest in the community. She is assisted in the administration of the scheme by Keith Hamilton, another long-term Dene Court Road resident and active member of the Lyndon Residents Association committee, who is helping her to re-launch the scheme, register new members and update the scheme's membership records.
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