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We in bath street are working together to eradicate street asbos and crime by reporting and sharing information with each other, council and the police. We see alot of non residents causing asbo , doing drugs and alcohol causing nuisance to our peaceful streets. We welcome you to join us in this fight against crime and asbo and im sure you will enjoy the watch as we get to know each other and work to resolvethe fight to get rid of crime and asbos in our street.

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Johnson Mwangi
As a bath street tenant for 3 years i have come to know many of you lovely neighbours, although weekly we still have petty crimes and asbos. I have worked and shared info with my neighbours and police,now i think its time we all stand together to support each other to rid crime, if not reduce asbo and crime. Im sure we will win this one for real, thanks. Coordinator J.M
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