Scheme information

Splash provide free positive activities for young people in Wiltshire who are facing challenges in life. Splash activity programmes are designed for young people aged 9-16 years and run during school holiday periods. For more information please visit our website www.splash-wiltshire.org.uk or Like us on Facebook - Splash Wiltshire

Scheme coordinator

Dawn Whiting
Splash prioritise young people facing a wide range of challenges in life, for example those with special educational needs or disabilities, on child protection plans, in care, at risk of anti-social behaviour, young carers, victims of crime/bullying, or from families facing bereavement, breakdown or financial hardship. We work hard to engage families from military and civilian communities and from some of the most rural areas of the county to really make Splash accessible to all. Splash provides specifically designed and highly structured out of school activities for around 250 young people aged 9-16 in Wiltshire. The Splash programme gives young people the opportunity to experience new, challenging, positive activities during school holidays. The focus of Splash activities is to work with providers to increase participants’ self-esteem, self-confidence, communication skills and leadership skills. Experiential, hands-on learning sessions provide an excellent environment for young people to express themselves and learn from one another. Splash and our partners provide positive role models who listen, encourage, mentor and coach the young people. This positive interaction raises aspirations and self-belief and helps the young people to identify a positive future for themselves.
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