Weoley park road (from 100 - 222) including mews and rise and Minden Grove

Scheme information

To work together as a small community to ensure that the area we live in remains safe and litter free. To apply for and secure funding to improve the area that we live in. To help and support vulnerable people in our area as much as we can.

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Scheme coordinator

Bev Lord
I have lived on Weoley Park Road for over 20 years and my husband has lived here since the mid 70's so we are very familiar with the road and the surrounding area.We are keen to take an active part in keeping the road clean and tidy. We also want to live in a safe environment for ourselves as well as our children and grandchildren and will work together with other people in our area to ensure that this is the case wherever and whenever possible. We are willing to hold meetings with local people who want to join the scheme and we will also represent our area at local meetings with police and other organisations.
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