Paisley West Tenants and Residents Association

Scheme information

We established a Tenants and Residents Association in our area a number of months ago. This was mainly due to residents feeling unsafe in the area, due to a high percentage of crime (mostly perpetuated by drugs and alcohol). Our association has a number of aims (generating services and groups within the area); on the other hand, we are in agreement that our primary aim is to 'live in an area, where we feel SAFE and included'

Scheme coordinator

Alexander Mcneillie-Welsh
My name is Sandy McNeillie-Welsh. I moved to this area about three years ago. The area is very dilapidated, mostly due to vandalism and drug/alcohol related crime. I (alongside other members of the community) felt it was time to 'take our streets back' and regenerate this community for EVERYONE. During our public meetings the priority is always the same 'SAFETY' and we have made it our primary aim (alongside other community development aims) to try and reduce crime in our area by getting the residents to take pride in where they live. Admittedly, as this area is very dilapidated, our streets seems to be a regular 'hotbed' for drugs and under age alcohol consumption. If you want to feel safe in your home, please join us!
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