Ashington End Neighbourhood Watch

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Hi, we live at Compass Point, Ashington End, Skegness, PE244UD. We are in a very rural part of Middlemarsh Road North. We have had stuff taken from the garden so want to have a Neighbourhood watch area around our road and Youngers Lane. There aren't that many houses in our area but there are a few farms and businesses in Youngers lane.

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Scheme coordinator

Paul Hirons
I am starting a scheme beacause we been the victims of theft and I want to do something to put a stop to it in our area. I am happy to advise or show anyone in our area how to put in CCTV or Alarms, we just did an 8 channel CCTV system and a Wireless Yale alarm system. we want the neighbours to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and to contact us if they have problems.
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