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Chapmanslade Parish Council now runs its Neighbourhood Watch through a single coordinator and the wilts messaging system. The parish is spread along a main road with outlying farms and dwellings. Information regarding local crime is shared on the village Facebook page and via the village webpage. Work is ongoing through the Village Plan to identify vulnerable members of our community who might require more personal support within a Community Watch system.

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Scheme coordinator

Philip Holihead
I am a Chapmanslade Parish Councillor and have been asked to coordinate Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the village. I have looked at the existing scheme which was very slow at passing information often by hand and have decided to base the current scheme on the wilts messaging service, with me acting as a filter to stop too many messages not relevant to the Chapmanslade community from being passed on, whilst speeding up the passing of relevant messages via Facebook, email, and village webpage. I am aware that this system brings greater speed of notification, but also does not include all members of our community, and I am seeking new ways to ensure the quickest and widest distribution of Neighbourhood Watch information across the whole community. My contact details are on the village webpage.
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