Gatley Road Neighbourhood Watch

Scheme information

This scheme covers those roads near/around Gatley Road/A34 junction. The purpose of the scheme is to report any suspicious activity that anyone notices whether it be for the house next to you or 2 streets away from you. This purpose of this scheme in order to deter potential suspects or try to deter as they know people will be watching. This scheme is being implemented due to the increasing number of crimes such as burglaries, bike theft, assault and anti-social behaviour in/around this area. A few rules: 1) Please inform your neighbours anytime you are leaving or someone you trust (they don't have to be part of the scheme but they must be close to your house) 2) Please respect everyone, regardless of whether they are part of the scheme or not. 3) As soon as you see something report it IMMEDIATELY, do not wait around or try confronting them, we don't want anyone to get hurt, just for everyone to be and feel safe. 4) Try to console your neighbours if anything does happen and maybe offer them advice on how to keep themselves more safe, etc. but try not to come across as patronising or make them feel stupid or dumb. That's about it, feel free to email me using the link below for any information or queries. Thank You.

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