Micheldever village

Scheme information

Micheldever Village Scheme for the protection and peace of mind that like minded neighbours and country folk deserve. We are looking for all interested households in the village to get together and be conscientious neighbours to each other. Volunteer to help keep a friendly eye out for your neighbours and record any and all suspicious activity for prompt action by police. We want to be a force for good and for helping our neighbours both young and old. What do you people say are the main benefits of having a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area? “An increase in the house price and desirability of the area for house buyers and some insurance companies even offer discounted rates on premiums for scheme members, never a bad thing!”. "Building stronger links with the local community definitely. Everyone is so busy these days so it can be very hard, and sometimes impossible to get to know your neighbours”. “Being part of a scheme gets people looking out for one another and sends out a message that we’re not alone but have people we can trust and depend on". “Figures repeatedly show that having a scheme in your area reduces the incidence of crime as well - something we all want". "It can also be fun - we organise activities and fundraisers if there are improvements that need to be made, like fencing around grassed areas to make playing safer for the local kids or to get new benches. So far we’ve had bouncy castles, giant blow football, Easter egg hunts and barbeques, all providing opportunity for everyone to get together and relax".