Moreton Vale Watch

Scheme information

Welcome to the neighbourhood watch for Moreton Vale. This scheme was set up in 2016 when the development was very new to enable everyone to communicate and stay safe following a string of car thefts. We have a very effective Facebook group which neighbours utilise to stay connected to one an other about relevant topics within the neighbourhood. The Facebook group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/460110607527906/ If you are on the moreton vale estate please do feel free to join. Kind regards Leanne

Scheme coordinator

Leanne Steel
Hello, my name is Leanne. I moved on to the moreton vale estate with my partner Jack and other neighbours in 2016. As we were a new build we were particularly susceptible to car thefts and burglaries. Following a few incidents we decided to take control and the NHW group was born. Since then our community has felt safer and we have a closed Facebook group which we utilise to stay connected. If you have moved into or are moving to the estate please do feel free to join our scheme.
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