Widnes- Birchfield Road,Halton View Neighbourhood Watch

Scheme information

This scheme has been created for the residents of Birchfield ward, Halton View and Farnworth. The map only highlights a small area of the area i cover the only reason for this is because it is not possibly to cover the whole area on the map . The purpose of the group is the make our communities a safer and better place to live by reporting any anti social/ suspicious and criminal activities.

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Scheme coordinator

Keiron Gordon
Hi, I'm Keiron you may know me as i used to be a volunteer street cleaner mainly around Kingsway but also covered a small part of farnworth i now work for Halton Housing which has given me even more of knowledge of different areas of Widnes and this is why I co ordinate this neighbourhoood watch scheme, as well as helping to reduce crime and report any criminal activity.
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