THE Islington IN Salford

Scheme information

Two home watch co-ordinators are both based in the two tower blocks Arthur Millwood Court and Canon Hussey Court. Due to the height of the buildings, they have an excellent view over the estate, and any problem get's appropiate reported to the right agency. We have reported car break in's, criminal damage to buildings, fires, ASB, drugs abuse, drinkers etc., anything that is unlawful and let's down our estate. The estate consist of 10 houses on Firefly Close, 12 low-rise flats in Edinburgh House, 24 low-rise flats in Cornwall House, 8 bungalows on Rodney Street, 116 flats in Arthur Millwood Court, 14 houses on Rodney Street, 115 flats in Canon Hussey Court, 4 houses on Woodlark Close and 4 houses on Swiftsure Avenue. Any problem around the estate e.g. Chapel Street get's reported also. We are registered with the local Police as a Home Watch scheme, and appropriate signs are displayed on the estate.

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Hessel F De Boer
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