Grosvenor road residents association

Scheme information

A residents association to deal with crime, anti-social behaviour, fly tipping, parking, and any other residents concerns. An initial meeting of residents has identified issues within the area which we hope can be dealt with through partnership meetings. The aim of the group is to be proactive in engaging the local residents, local businesses and young people, identifying residents concerns and founding a problem-solving group with the council, councillors, police and other interested parties. There have been specific issues with speeding along Grosvenor Road and the area around this road; groups of young people smoking/drinking and young men driving cars at speed whilst making much noise, particularly during the summer months. There can also be issues with fly tipping and dumping rubbish and stolen goods onto the road and Grosvenor Road is often used as through route which means its very busy with cars. We hope to build on the issues of the residents group and hope to have a definite positive impact on community spirit in the area by providing an opportunity for residents to get to know their neighbours through the regular community meetups, NHW meetings and through face-to-face contact with all concerned. We are sure residents and businesses will appreciate the support system that we have set up and is now in place and there is now a sense that you are - ‘'not on your own’'. The group has been crucial in developing closer links between the residents. Having had our first meetup we felt that we now have a sense of community amongst us We hope to build on an improved working relationship with the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), and it is felt that there is a real need for police presence in the area. We hope to achieve an increase in the level of reporting of incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour, with a decline in the apathy that currently exists.