Castings close neighbourhood watch scheme

Scheme information

I decided to start this scheme after a number of crimes in my new build close. On checking I found there were no community/neighbourhood schemes anywhere close and decided to take up the task myself. I will be covering castings close and immediate surroundings to start until we can, together, expand to cover the larger community.

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Scheme coordinator

Starting from Castings close I would like to take this opportunity to extend a neighbourhood scheme, in time, to cover more of the surrounding area with new members and households to join and show their support for their local community. With the assistance of West Midlands police/ Walsall police I would like to see falling crime statistics in an area which I have found to have not much in the way of neighbourhood watch and community schemes. schemes currently seem to focus on Bloxwich west and I struggled to find a scheme local to me to join so this is hopefully the start of a scheme to cover this part of Bloxwich
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