Jubilee Close NHW - Ledbury

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The scheme covers the area of Jubilee Close in Ledbury and aims to engender community spirit and provide a focus for all households from a security perspective. It will co-ordinate security cover for vacant properties and distribute security information gleaned from on line websites, local police and the Herefordshire Watch co-ordinator.

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Scheme coordinator

Ian Fountaine
I am a retired army officer and I started the scheme as a result of attendance at a presentation by the Herefordshire Watch scheme co-ordinator. As a result of several burglaries in the scheme area over the years and a particular spate in the town of Ledbury in the past year, it seemed that any plan to thwart the would be thief would be worth instigating. Having canvassed the interest using a home made flyer through letterboxes, 28 people attended our initial meeting and interest was clear. The meeting helped as a social event and an ideas and contacts exchange. Hopefully people will feel safer and more confident to vacate their house knowing that somebody is keeping an eye on it for them.
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