Barratts - Great West Quarter

Scheme information

New for 2016, the Estates office for GWQ has set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for all current and new GWQ residents. We would like to work together in creating a safer community. Our aim is to prevent crime, opportunities for crime and limit anti-social behaviour. By working in partnership with the police, local authority, fire and rescue services and other agencies, we hope to encourage neighbourliness and commumity cohesion

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Scheme coordinator

Jenniffer Bailey
My name is Jenniffer Bailey and I am the new Development Manager for GWQ. I have seen how effective neighbourhood watch schemes have been in other areas and feel this is something that GWQ will benefit from. In addition to building community it imparts a sense of ownership and adds value, to the experience of living on a large estate. In order to make this a success, I need your support in joining up, so please get in touch!
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