Winchester Road, RG21

Scheme information

The Basingstoke RG21 scheme area extends from Pittard Road (House number 145 to 229) on the north side and from Wessesx Close (house number 120 to 234) on the south side to the Winchester Road roundabout. The scheme currently encompasses about 100 houses. Historically it's not been an active scheme although we had survey door to door in 2014 about Cold Calling and provided a special pack for those that wanted to participate. In 2016 I would like to refresh the scheme with the help of new members and provide clear value for all area residents.

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Scheme coordinator

John O'Connor
My name is John O'Connor. I volunteered to take the scheme over from the gentleman who retired from the role several years ago. I arrived in UK with family in 1997 (from Florida) to take up employment locally with Motorola. We settled in WInchester Road in June 1998 and have enjoyed living here very much. I look forward to making the scheme both useful and effective.
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