Bishopsteignton Care Watch

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The Healthy Living Group formed by the Parish Council is starting a Care Watch was launched in January 2016. It is a Good Neighbour scheme so that people who may need an occasional helping hand can phone a coordinator who will put them in contact with a volunteer who will help them. The scheme will not replace professional help or the help of charities. We have the support of the local police, fire service and doctors.

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Scheme coordinator

Jacqueline Pester
If you live in Bishopsteignton and wish to be a volunteer for the Bishopsteignton Care Watch then look out for one of our leaflets in one of the local shops or at the surgery and it will give a number to ring. If someone needs help they will ring the Care Watch and a coordinator will put them in touch with a volunteer who will go to help if they can. Volunteers will be asked to only simple tasks such as feeding a pet whilst a person is at a medical appointment or fetching a prescription in bad weather, for example. If you want help then you can pick up a leaflet at one of the shops in the village which will give you the phone number to ring.
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