Hough fold way bungalows

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A small group of immediate neighbours who will meet socially every six weeks or so at 278 Hough Fold Way. We will attempt to address our security concerns as well as just chat whilst enjoying a glass of wine (or a cup of tea).

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Scheme coordinator

Linda Whitehead
I am Linda Whitehead of 278 Hough Fold Way. Married to Martin. In common with most of my neighbours Martin and I are of retirement age (although I still work full time). We have lived in the community for nearly five years and hope to knit a closer bond with the residents in our little cluster of bungalows. With vandalism, burglaries and car crimes having happened fairly regularly in Bradshaw and Harwood we should do as much as we can to protect our homes. Several of my neighbours live on their own but I would like them to feel far from alone and to know that our little home watch group is always there to offer vigilance, support and friendship.
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