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Islay Rural Watch is for every resident and visitor to Islay. Please help to make the scheme a success by joining. The more people in the scheme, the more information we can circulate to each other. Together we can help protect each other and safeguard property. Rural Watch work well as a crime prevention and detection tool, it is also extremely valuable in terms of sharing a range of information with rural, isolated communities and our villages, providing members with additional ways to engage with organisations who have an interest in addressing rural crime and supporting community resilience. Rural Watch allow group members to share information with each other, officers from Bowmore police office and other partners. The use of SMS texting and alert systems allows for the speedy dissemination of information to scheme members.

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Scheme coordinator

Cammy Rae
Islay Watch was set up by Police Scotland and the current Co-ordinator is Sgt Cammy Rae.
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