Community safety patrol t/a shomrom

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our Organisation is know as Shomrim Ne our Twitter account is know @ShomrimOfficial

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London Shomrim
Shomrim UK is a working name of Community Safety Patrol – a Charity registered with the Charity Commission. The objective of Shomrim is to assist the Police in reducing crime and help local citizens feel safe. The primary responsibility of Shomrim is to observe and report situations which may require a response by emergency personnel and to act as a mobile “neighbourhood patrol”. Shomrim volunteers, patrolling by foot and in vehicles serve and act as an extension to the Police’s eyes and ears. The volunteer’s responsibility is to report suspicious incidents and crimes within the community to the Police. Shomrim operates a hotline with volunteers on call 24hrs a day for an immediate response in emergency situations. All calls are recorded for training and legal purposes. Calls are held in the strictest confidence and are dealt with in absolute discretion. Shomrim organisations have been set up in many Jewish communities around the world to combat quality-of-life nuisance crimes. As a result of such patrols, criminals are more likely to be arrested thereby leading to a lower level of criminal activity in the area, and provide a sense of safety & security for members of all communities. Shomrim volunteers are fully trained to the standard of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Shomrim volunteers receive on-going training from the Metropolitan Police and have also received training from the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism Command in assisting to identify potential security threats and suspicious activity. However! Shomrim are not a law enforcement agency and do not have any legal powers other than those given to any UK citizen. In an emergency always call 999.
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