Ha7 safer neighbourhoods

Scheme information

HA7 Safer Neighbourhoods exists for two reasons: 1) to protect the amenities of the area (currently Formby Avenue, with a view to expand), and 2) to promote community cohesion. We aim to actively engage with the residents of Formby Avenue on important matters such as crime, policing, traffic and parking, and potential disruptions to the road that could make it a vulnerable target for our residents and their homes. The HA7SN team is entirely run by volunteers. People who live on the road and give up their time to make it a better place for us all. Please join this group if you would like to make our area a safer place to live, or wish to expand the scheme to cover your area. Together we are stronger!

Scheme coordinator

Shumailla Dar
Hi! We have recently moved into the area from an area with an excellent Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. We realised the importance of actively engaging with our neighbours to help community cohesion and avoid crime. We have started this group to help the residents of Formby Avenue, and surrounding areas, to make the locality a better, and safer place to live in. We want our neighbourhood to be recognised as a beacon of community spirit!
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