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We are including neighbourhood watch and crime prevention in our wider areas of community interests and issues that get covered in Acton Turville Community Group.

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Scheme coordinator

Christina Williams
The name of the organisation shall be: Acton Turville Community Group The aims of the Group shall be to: (a) Assist the Parish Council with the development and operation of the village recreation area (play area, tennis court and football pitch) through the raising of funds, managing projects & events, inspections, maintenance and co-rdinating its use (b) Become involved in other activities (e.g. community events, lobbying and consultations) of community interest. Examples can include: Local government consultations Assets of community value Action groups - roads, broadband, street lighting, bus shelters, school buses, Neighbourhood watch Speed checks Attending local forums Christina Williams who is the Chair of the Acton Turville Community Group will be the contact and feed through relevant information to the group members and relevant parties.
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