Fife street Neighbourhood watch

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Our neighbourhood watch has been running for 9 years now. We started up because we felt there was an issue in our area with young people causing a nusiance. We were helped by the local policing team and other organisations which are no longer there. We have progressed to looking after the area - the good and the bad. With the help of our local councilor, Kevin Hamilton, we were able to have new back streets laid and dropped kerbs in the front street. This has improved the quality of life for the residents of our street and the surrounding area. Our group meets the first Tuesday of every month in the Action for Children Centre on Greengate Street at 6.30pm. We welcome people from the surrounding streets and if anyone needs help starting up a scheme in their area (Barrow - Ulverston) we are happy to help. We also have a meeting once every 3 months for representatives from all community and neighbourhood watch groups across Barrow/Dalton/Ulverston/Askam. We meet at the Fire Station in Barrow and again everyone is welcome.

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