Frensham Road

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Frensham Road - an operational Neighbourhood Watch Scheme run by a volunteer resident of Frensham Road (Laurence) for the benefit of Frensham Road residents and visitors. Not intended and never will be a 'curtain twitcher' scheme nor one that has too frequent meetings. Just a scheme to help maintain and improve the area we all enjoy living in whether new to the Road, lived in it for years or simply visiting. If there's an issue or problem causing you concern - if you're not sure where to turn - you can contact your Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator to help! At the end of the day we all want where we live to be peaceful, happy and if we can crime and anti-social behaviour free..........

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Scheme coordinator

Laurence Foord
My name is Laurence. A friendly resident of Frensham Road (even if I say so myself!). Always like a chat and will help anyone on our Road, and a few further afield, if there's a problem or just an issue niggling away and not sure where to turn. I'm a husband and busy father of three so not always around as may be swimming, football coaching, work, cooking, sleeping, running, netball or cycling so as you can probably tell Neighbourhood Watch fits in around me too so don't worry I won't be knocking your door every five minutes. Just want to help where I can and keep Frensham Road the great place it is to live! Cheers
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