Lister street watch

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After problems in area it was suggested a Neighborhood Watch scheme be set up.Helping to keep down crime and disorder in the Lister street and Macaulay street and surrounding area with the help of local residents. With Police budgets being squeezed they cant be everywhere. We as residents need to help them out and who knows the area better than the people who live in the area. Don't leave it upto others get together to show we care about our area show your support for the area and join our Neighborhood Watch. The Police need our help to crack down on anti social behavior and more likely to help those that willing to help themselves. They can target their response better if they know the areas that need help through cooperation with the local community.

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Scheme coordinator

Norman Howe
I live in Lister street and used to live in Macaulay street and originally from Kent. My Dad was a coordinator in his road and I helped him out. We was both active in the community. I feel passionate about this area and it being a good area to live where your safe in our homes and streets this I believe this can only be done with others working together. Neighborhood Watch will ensure we all can live safe and happy in this area without being scared about the few people who disrupt the balance. My partner is disabled and I spend alot of time looking after her at home but have time to coordinate the local efforts. I want to feel safe in this area and someone needs to step up to coordinate our efforts to achieve this.
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