Lower Highlands Road, Horsham

Scheme information

We are currently part of the local district known as 'Horsham Park and Trafalgar'. Our scheme is registered with Sussex Police. Neighbourhood Watch is a deterrent to criminals and their activities, which is why some insurers offer discounts to scheme members. The more it is known that an area is protected by NHW, the less likely it is that criminals will target NHW zones. I am particularly impressed by the Local Priorities: 1) To protect vulnerable local residents from fraud and scams and to reduce the number people within the district who become victims of these frauds, such as courier, romance, investment, doorstep and computer scams. 2) To reduce the number of burglaries in the district. 3) To reduce the number of reported thefts from vehicles particularly works vans containing high value tools.

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Scheme coordinator

James Mason
Moved into the area in 1997 and was looking for ways to help out in the community and also build relationships with my neighbours. Was approached circa 2004 to take over role as coordinator of our street and was happy to do so. Am currently looking for a neighbour to assist. Would also like to like to build the membership to all the homes in the area covered.
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