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Chudleigh Neighbourhood Watch covers the entire area of the town of Chudleigh. It was established in 2004 as Chudleigh West, simply covering the households to the west of the town, but has grown until it now covers the entire town. Membership varies as some join and others move out of Chudleigh, but is typically around 550 households, making it one of the largest in the district. We do not hold meetings, but instead keep in contact with newsletters and via our website at www.chudleighnhw.org.uk. Active volunteers are always welcome, but all we really ask of you when you join is name and contact details and that you display the NHW stickers prominently to deter the criminal - to paraphrase the words of US President John F Kennedy ... Ask not what you can do for Chudleigh Neighbourhood Watch (NHW), but what Chudleigh NHW can do for you! If you just display the stickers and allow us to keep you informed then you will be helping to keep crime down in our town. Best Wishes, John Hallett, Co-ordinator, Chudleigh NHW.

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