Wellington avenue, whitehill

Scheme information

Occasional newsletter as appropriate. Scheme is actively discussed between neighbours. If it is soothing urgent the two coordinators contact by word of mouth. Luckily we seem to be in a low crime/vandalism area.

Scheme coordinator

Carole Smith
We have two coordinators, Barbara (no 24) and Carole (no 33). Barbara has two daughters, one granddaughter and four grandsons ranging from 4 to 15 years old. She works in a nursery school in Lists ad the Cancer Charity shop in Liphook. At weekends she can be found guiding tourists round the castle Keep in Farnham. Carole lives along with her dog Daisy who is a brindle Westie/JRT cross. She is disabled but can be seen zipping around the area with Daisy jogging along beside her. It's a case of wave her down for a chat and she loves weak tea! Her interests are motorhoming and cardmaking.
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