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St anns road , St Albans and tower road area. I have set up this scheme in behalf of those living near white cloud park. As as you all know this park is lovely and is the heart of the local community and is a lovely space and I would like to protect it and ensure it stays that way. But unfortunately it dose tend to attract a few unsavory types of people ; drug dealing and anti social behaviour.

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K*y S***n
My names kay. I'm 33 and a mother of two, the reason I started this scheme is that I live in St anns road, I have lived here for four years now. my house is situated within white cloud park, the park can attract all sorts of people and is lovely but occasionally attracts a few unsavory types wich can be worrying for the children, I would like my community to work together in protecting our area and to keep our children safe from anti social behaviour and drug dealing that occurs in the park and in font of my house, I would like to be able to rely on my fellow neighbours for support and them with me in any emergency situations. Thank you for reading this. I look forword to hearing from you.kay sloan
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