The oaks

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This Homewatch area was set up in 2003, for Saxon Way only. Following a burglary in January 2015, re-registration as "The Oaks" - the original name for the area - has been set up to include both Saxon Way and Tudor Way. Appropriate 'HomeWatch' signs have been erected to advise visitors that the scheme is in operation. All residents of both Saxon Way and Tudor Way have been invited to join. Those who register are kept informed of any 'developments' by the co-ordinator, preferably by email (if used), else by hand delivered letter. The co-ordinator maintains a list of members - please contact her if you wish to register. There is no charge involved.

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Scheme coordinator

Carole Brookfield
I have lived in Saxon Way for 37 years, and wish the area it to be as safe, as secure and as good to live in as possible. It is to be hoped that this HomeWatch scheme will contribute in some small way towards these aims, and will help encourage a sense of neighbourliness and co-operation for all residents to enjoy. It is also worth noting that a discount on home insurance is offered by many companies to registered members.
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