Beech Rise, NG34 8BJ

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Action scheme against anti social behavior along Beech Rise and surrounding area. We have already worked hard to deal with the motorbikes on the Beech Rise playing field and within Sleaford Woods and work hard to make our area a pleasent one for all. Drop in for all concerns and we'll work together to get a solution.

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Scheme coordinator

Mark Askew
RAF for 12 years followed by MOD Civil Service, Foreign and COmmonwealth Office, also several years as an IT contractor putting companies back on the right track after their own in-house mishaps. I've lived in many countries and served during both Iraq wars and Bosnia so I do not suffer fools gladly. I am a active member of the National Trust, RSPB and Greenpeace and fight hard to ensure that wildlife will remain for future generations to enjoy. If you have an issue with anti social behaviour, concerns with Sleaford Woods, street lighting, pot holes, security, etc., by all means drop me a line and we'll discuss it over a coffee and work out a plan of action. We can and should all be able to live together peacefully and I'm sure that is everyone's goal at the end of the day. I'm always in and available as I am now self employed working at home.
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