Lime grove

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Lime Grove CAPE Forum (in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch) as well as working with the Police and Wardens to keep crime in all its forms, away from our area, we also lobby the local council to repair and give us facilities that enhance the area and the people who live in it We are a social group too and run three events per year to raise money for our chosen charity We hold regular monthly meetings on the last Friday of a month Our group has been established since 2001

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Scheme coordinator

Graham Cranmer
The scheme was started by the current Chairperson and some concerned neighbours to combat youth nuisance that was rife in the area at that time (2001) we champagne to make the area a safer and better place to live. dropped kerbs, new lighting, yellow line monitoring, parking bays, football play area are just some of the things we have made happen. we regularly talk about buses, parking, litter etc and have guest speakers Our group is patronised by City Alderman Jim Patey and Councillor John Ferrett.
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