Highlands Close, High Salvington

Scheme information

This scheme covers Highlands Close,which is situated in High Salvington. Information received from Sussex Police is received via e-mail and can be forwarded to you. The scheme provides comfort support and when needed.

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Scheme coordinator

Jean Hull
The scheme was started by my late husband,Maurice Hull, in 1992. He was also area co-ordinator for part of High Salvington and organsed road stewards for every road in his area. For several years he was also Treasurer for the Worthing NHW scheme with Ivor Webb and Clive Wilson. When he became too ill too continue I took over as Area Co-ordinator and Street Co-ordinator .When Ivor Webb retired the scheme changed direction when we were informed we were no longer needed and the scheme would be run by the PCSOs .Although I was assured by our PCSO that Highlands Close was still a registered scheme no information was received. I am therefore delighted that NHW is now once more active.
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