Sham castle lane

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This scheme covers the residents of Sham Castle Lane, Bathwick. Currently all residents are signed up to the scheme.

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Scheme coordinator

Derek stent
I started by having a meeting with the neighbours that were interested to discuss the pro's and con's of yellow lines in the area many years ago, possibly1992-3, which led to the implementation of the N/Watch. It grew from being Sham Castle Lane and St Ann' Way to include Vellore Lane, St Catherine's Close and St Mary's Close. Recently I decided I only wanted to act for Sham Castle Lane so 4 other people ( one for each of the other roads) volunteered to act for the residents in each of their roads. I am elderley so 37 houses are quite enough for me to manage. We have a Treasurer who assists with leaflet distribution as necessary. I don''t have meetings. Communication is done face to face and via email. We operate a 'Housholders List' This lists each house, the names of the housolders, their contact numbers and e mail address so that in an emergency neighbours observing suspicious activity at any address in the road, can contact the owner to alert them. This sheet is circulated to each household and is confidential to the residents of this road. Thankfully we have had very few occasions of dire emergencies other than a few times when burglar alarms have been tripped and we have been able to contact ownersl to tell them.
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