Baronscourt and piershill south

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Baronscourt and Piershill South Neighbourhood Watch is an organisation of residents living in Baronscourt Road, Baronscourt Terrace, Piershill Terrace, Willowbrae Gardens and Piershill Terrace. The group's aim is to assist in the prevention and detection of crime including: Vandalism to cars, domestic property and street furniture, Theft from cars and burglary, Antisocial behaviour e.g. night-time noise from passers-by. We started the scheme as I would like to reduce crime in the scheme area which I see will have positive benefits including: vulnerable residents feeling safer, lower insurance premiums, less disruption of sleep due to noise in the streets. If you are resident within the area, please join the group on We also have a facebook group: "Baronscourt and Piershill South Neighbourhood Watch" where registered members share information. Lets make the area a safer, more pleasant place to live!

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