Cyber crime

Scheme information

It is cyber crime that i feel very strongly about starting, as i have been a victim for four years. It is also very important to people who, like myself don't get out because of mental illness..I am online most of my time and want to be able to remain on. I have lost six computers over four years because of hackers.. It is the only place i can see myself getting some work in the future. It may not be physical crime but it has made me physiically ill with psoriasis over the last two years. No one should be bullied to the extent that they cant be protected online. Everything is based around pc's now..It has also helped me mentally after loosing my son to suicide. I feel very strongly about this as i have not went under Anonymous name like a lot of people i know because of hackers. I also see it as a tool to help people like myself..I really hope we can do something about this bullying online..