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The Winkworth Road area NHW at present covers Winkworth road itself and part of Commonfield road. In the next month I intend to extend into the rest of Commonfield, Palmersfield and Follyfield roads. I am registered on the Active Citizens database and receive messages from the Safer Neighbourhood Team [SNT] and then distribute the ones that apply to our area to the NHW members by e-mail. I then rely on people being good neighbours to inform the householders who do not have e-mail of anything urgent or important. Out of 165 households in Winkworth road 129 have signed up to receive the e-mails which I think is a remarkable take-up and a reflection on the perceived need for non police action to prevent crime. The extended scheme will cover approximately 350 households and I am aiming for a similar take-up.

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Brian Ransom
I am a 65 year old active pensioner who has been burgled in 2012. After a spate of burglaries in the local area I decided to start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme as we cannot rely or expect our local police to be everywhere at all times of the day. Along the length of Winkworth road NHW signs are erected and many people have the logos displayed telling potential criminals that there is a scheme in place and to go elsewhere. Winkworth road and the three roads which are accessed from it form a natural grouping for a NHW scheme as we are trunk road which connects to a main arterial route into London and the Police have proved that criminals operate along this corridor. By extending the scheme into Commonfield, Palmersfield and Follyfield we are helping to protect ourselves and our environment and we will be assisting the police SNT in their duties.
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